To the Future!

Looking forward toward a new year of activism, we hopefully will be able to learn from the past… But if that proves too difficult, we should at least be willing to a take a good critical look at where we are heading.

So on the one hand, the generous public donates 360 BILLION dollars to environmental causes each year. Give or take a few million, this is real money. On the other hand, I am sure we all received fund raising requests for numerous “under-funded” causes. So where’s that money going? And more importantly, are we winning?

“Adopt an elephant” for 8 bucks a month… you’ll get a cute stuffed animal and T-shirt to prove your generosity and commitment. Do you really save an elephant? Does it have a name? Obviously your 8 bucks doesn’t save squat, but it does get you financially committed. Maybe instead of believing the eco-propaganda you do something revolutionary. Like, find a place your 8 bucks can help!

Close to 100 humans died in the line of duty saving those very animals eco-corporations use to raise their corporate money. Those humans are Park Rangers and indigenous activists around the world who have died on the front lines; fighting, really fighting for the earth. I wonder how much of that 360 Billion goes to help the families of these poor brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to really do something? These are the real earth warrior heroes.

Shouldn’t we “adopt” their families, and send their children to school? You know, the whole nine yards. I get it, stuffed elephants are cute and are easy money raisers… like the toys in the Mac Donald’s Happy Meal… they make great propaganda, but do they save one elephant? Think about it?

I totally understand why TV commercials to raise cash for Animal Rights groups still contain video of cute little baby white coat seals being bludgeoned by blood-thirsty marauders…. I hate to dispel the myth, but this has not happened for 15+ years, but it still tugs the heart-strings on TV… truth or not! It opens wallets, and let’s face it, that’s what it is all about. Maybe I am an old fashioned moralist, but I do feel it is immoral and unethical to continue to BS the public. I acknowledge that back in the day, stretching the truth worked great and served a purpose, but today it is time to grow past the half truths and “spin”. There is enough truth to go around. Rather then just condemn the past; as I get older, I have grown to want to embrace the more virtuous values in society that will assure our future. It is easier to pick out the petty differences that have driven humanity to wars for our entire history, but as we face extinction as a species, it is time to change.

Maybe it is time to look beyond our differences and find a common path.

Back in the day we needed to make a splash to get folks to listen. Today most people get it; no matter the side they are on. Usually it is greed that gets in the way. Greed on both sides as we all want a “better life”. Maybe we need to all re-examine what we want for our children and generations to come.

I suggest we stay local and keep our money at home. Use our talents and experience “hands on”, and spend more time making a difference yourself. Look at things differently, and always talk to the other side. Ignorance is the enemy of all sides. INFORMATION is power.

Remember that it is imperative for governments and NGO’s alike to make us believe “their” propaganda in order to get our money and stay in power. This too is a myth, as real power resides in the individual. Today the government of Iran is learning this the hard way….

It is up to each one of us to make a stand for the earth. If we leave it to others or rely on past failed tactics and strategies, our children will lose. Young people today know that innovation and creatively are needed to take on tomorrow’s challenges eco and otherwise. It is up to each one of us to better ourselves, police the eco-corporations we support, and make the world a better place every day.

Don’t believe the propaganda, get involved and find out for yourself. To wild earth in 2018!


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