An Ode to Greatness.

Doug and Kris Tompkins set out years ago to leave the earth better than they found it. Today Kris carries on the legacy to do exactly what the loving couple set out to do.



A 10-million-acre National Park in Chile made possible through co-operation. What a concept!


If there is a heaven… and I’m one of those: you come from the earth, you go back to the earth, kind of guys… but, if heaven exists, Doug is smiling down. My late friend and shipmate accomplished something with his wife that few others have ever achieved. Humans should take notice! Here is your proof!

The earth is a better place today for the Tompkin’s great work.

I have lately pontificated about what I consider shady spending in the eco-movement, and how people should really think about where they want their money spent. With 360 billion dollars out there, how about spending it on making a difference?

Maybe the testosterone infused eco-movement of old can learn a lesson from two great women finally making a deal. It is time for a different perspective on how to run the world. If this is any indication, I’m all in, and pray my grand daughters will continue this proud legacy.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I am not one to tell someone else what to do with their money, yet in this case, it’s very obvious.

Give your money and help to Tompkins Conservation. They are “doing” great work, while others are giving awards and celebrating their greatness. Kris Tompkins deserves our admiration, our love, and our money. Check out their website, and volunteer. It will change your life, and leave the earth a better place.

Thank you Kris, thank you, Doug, and all those who helped!


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