CET II: we have met the enemy…

“… a refreshing contrast to be the usual bleak tenor of the save-the-planet cinema…”Variety“A fabulous film by a brilliant director, who has an amazing story…”Silvia Bizio: l’Espresso“funny, insightful, and controversial… Brown goes to where no other has been able to…”Captain Paul Watson

CONFESSIONS II: “We Have Met The Enemy…” is my new film due out summer 2018.
CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST was about how we manipulated the media to help start and win the eco-revolution… this film will be how the media is now manipulating us, and we are letting it!

“enemy” will be an insider’s look at what has become known as Reality Television… the spin behind the spin… And how activists might learn from the past to “seize the day” and gain the initiative once again.

In the thirty years I have been working in the TV business I have seen huge leaps in magnitude of not only visual media available, but also a new maturity in the master manipulators who now make us dance. Where three channels controlled the airwaves, now we have hundreds on cable, and thousands online. Information and knowledge at our fingertips 24/7. Do you ever find anything you want to watch? Are we more intelligent or aware? Do we as a society now make better decisions?
Unfortunately the answer is: no.

If you watch BP’s TV ad campaign, the Gulf is better than ever. Heard anything of all that oil and chemicals? Fixes? Corporations win and the earth loses again. The Gulf isn’t better than ever. All the oil and crap just didn’t disappear? Do the public care? Hell no, and TV has moved onto other disasters. One only has to talk to a teenager today to prove my point. They hold more knowledge than all the libraries of the world in their hands, … and let’s just say, are we better off? We as a species should pause. In the last 5 years a movement of passionate individuals fighting to save our planet have become mere gladiators for the media corporate entities. Paul Watson, who was once a Time Magazine “man of the century”, has become a falling reality TV star quickly dimming, as his series gets old. A “man of the century” should be discussed with Muir, Thoreau, and Jane Goodall, not the Kardasians. Saving the world’s creatures is more than a TV show, and did TV chew up another hero? What I’ve learned in my years of activism is that campaigns or journeys are always a test of karma… and as anyone knows, karma can be a bitch. This has not been an easy journey until now, but really, no matter how fun it is, how many ships can you ram to make the same point? No matter how scary the music is, no one has yet died… The public is bored and switch to: “Croc Killers” or “Whack-a-Shark”. Green TV becomes surprisingly human…. and the Japanese continue to whale. After 6 years of TV the Japanese are stronger, and the biggest loss is that the Japanese public now view their TV oppressors as villains and terrorists. I am not only a terrorist in their eyes, but the “bad guy” of a terrorist group… I can’t even scare my grand daughter, so I think it is time to get over TV drama, and concentrate on what is important… Making humans get it! It’s time to agree that although we will always hate each other, that maybe we can all agree to the importance of a harmonious relationship with the other natural species on the planet. Those who clean our water, make our air, filter our waste, and fill our bellies. There is no humanity on a dead planet, so if you want to get right down to it, I am one of those who will put the planet first. Perhaps it is time for new perspectives on how to win? We can snatch victory from the jaws of what I see as defeat. We can take back the initiative; tell the emperor that he is naked and that we are not fooled. The film, “We Have Met The Enemy …” will be a humorous look at why humans as a species seem so bloody stupid… even us good guys! Our conviction and honesty will be brought to focus by the unique insiders story telling abilities of director Peter Brown. Come join us on a media mission from god… to be a part of the effort.



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