ENGLISH CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST: A feature length documentary film. A unique look at eco-history from one who was there. A humorous examination of the word “eco-terrorist” in today’s reality.


JAPANESE エコテロリストの告白:長編ドキュメンタリー映画。が あったものとはエコ歴史をユニークな外観と、今日の現実には、単語 “エコテロリスト」のユーモラスな検査。


SPANISH CONFESIONES DE UN ECO-TERRORISTA: Una película de largometraje documental. Una mirada única a la eco-historia de alguien que estaba allí, y un examen humorístico de la palabra “eco-terrorista” en la realidad de hoy.


FRENCH CONFESSIONS D’UN ECO-TERRORISME: Un film documentaire de long métrage. Un regard unique sur l’éco-histoire d’un homme qui était là et un examen humoristique du mot «éco-terroriste»dans la réalité d’aujourd’hui.


PORTUGUESE  Confissões de um ECO-TERRORISTA: Um documentário de longa-metragem. Um olhar particular sobre eco-história de alguém que estava lá e um exame humorístico da palavra “eco-terrorista” na realidade de hoje.


Critic Holise E. Cleveland III

“If you thought you knew about Sea shepherd Conservation Society while not having seen Peter Jay Brown’s CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST, then you were wrong. Confessions is a prelude to Animal Planet’s hit television show Whale Wars. It encompasses the exploits of Capt. Paul Watson and his merry band of pirates. From the Faeroes to the Antarctic, from the Cod Wars to the seal culls, Brown takes his viewers on a historical tour around the globe. This is no average documentary, however. You are guaranteed to laugh and even cheer. One moment you might find yourself cradling your face like Macaulky Culcin did in Home Alone, and in the next moment you may be raising your fist.

Confessions is not merely a hoopla film for activists. It emits the fire-giving spark that can convert the average ignorant nobody into a compassionate activist, leaving them on fire. So invite your friends and family over for dinner and a movie, but whatever you do, don’t serve fish.”