Positive change through positive activism

Antartica 2008

"Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist should strike just about everyone as a refreshing contrast to the usual bleak tenor of save-the-planet cinema" Variety

Neah Bay 2000

"Peter Jay Brown unfolds one unusual story in a provocative, informative, laugh out loud funny, agitprop style." Anath White for RogerEbert.com & Chicago Sun Times

Bluerage 1985

"Brown’s film is a peek behind the curtain that deconstructs the classic political-movement film." Los Angeles Times

Driftnet 1990

"As the longest serving crew member ever aboard the Sea Shepherd with a highly impressive personal resume and film career in his own right, Brown takes viewers into the lighter, more humorous aspects of the "eco-terrorist" sub-culture in his feature documentary film." Huffington Post

Sea Hunt 2002

There have been many films made about Sea Shepherd but none as hilarious and revealing as "CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST, which was three decades in the making." Captain Paul Watson

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positive change through positive activism

Many of the iconic images we all associate with activism worldwide were recorded through Peter’s camera and then splashed across the world press in strategic blasts intended to create paradigm shifts in world consciousness. The amazing thing is… It worked!

Today he translates his passion and 30+ years experience working for the earth into relevant solutions for audiences worldwide.

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